Point of view

In the article “FCJ-043 Multiple Perspectives / Multiple Readings”, the issue of point of view comes up. The author Simon Biggs writes that he was interested in the viewer’s viewpoint, not the artist’s, when it came to art. This is an interesting idea because art it created my one person, so it is going to reflect that person’s point of view. Biggs writes that he wishes to create an art that reflects the viewer’s point of view, which is interesting because the viewer is unknown. As more people interact with the art, it becomes more difficult for the single piece of art to be a reflection of multiple people’s points of view.

It is important to discuss point of view when it comes to art because this reflects the way that art is understood. The artist typical has a point of view of his own, but it is the viewer of the art that judges it. This leaves room for multiple perspectives and readings of a single piece of art. Thanks to technology, there are more and more ways for viewers to participate in art and change it through interactivity in art. In a way, this makes the viewer the artist as well. Because of this, the same art can morph and adapt to the points of view of multiple individuals. This is significant because the technology allows for everyone to have the ability to create and review art with their own perspective.



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